12 Social Media Mistakes


Some Social Media Mistakes … Are you Making them??

1.Not having any Social Media Strategy at all.

Just keep throwing things at the Wall Hoping that after awhile something will “Stick”.

Taking this tact will result in you being exhausted from throwing throwing things and you will end up with a big sticky mess.

  1. Buying things you Shouldn’t.

Need more Facebook followers? Want people to retweet your Twitter posts? Simple…

Just buy them…(and it is really cheap too!) Don’t even think about it. Firstly, you are supporting the “Click Farms” … workers spend the day endlessly clicking. Secondly, those followers will not engage with your content and are not potential customers. It is a pointless waste of time and is no way to start building your brand.

  1. Selling, more Selling…and then more…Selling

It is understandable that you want to sell… however no one likes being pitched to all the time… it’s no fun. Try the 1/3 rule: At most spend 1/3 of the time pitching your products and services… and the other 1/3 creating engaging content … and maybe for the other 1/3 you could curate great conent from around the web.

  1. Too Many Hashtags

#Facebook #Fun #Buy #Hashtag #Jerk … Stop the Madness! Limit yourself to 2.

  1. Social Media Monsoon (or Drought)

We’ve seen it a lot .. a Tsunami of posts and tweets …(way) too much. This is what the Spammers do. Often the Tsunami is followed by a Drought whereby nothing is posted. Try to keep a steady stream flowing. You don’t want your audience to drown nor do you want them to die of thirst!

  1. Proofreading

We understand how a spelling misteak or tow can get out there .. but it doestn make you look very goed. (seriously though… use your spellchecker… or ask a friend to look over your copy!)

  1. Being Social

It is called “Social Media” so make sure you respond to comments… think of it as a conversation ..it doesn’t work one way.

  1. Same Message

Try not to repeat yourself (too) much. It’s a big world out there and there are lots of interesting things to write about

  1. Not Cultivating your own Voice

With your copywriting try to be authentic and be yourself, try to let your audience have a sense of who you are

  1. Bad Images

We are awash in imagery. Make sure yours are good.


“Like us on Facebook…. pretty please with a cherry on top….” Trying to guilt trip people into joining you on Social Media isn’t attractive.

  1. Posting Manually 

Why make it harder than it has to be? There are a host of programs that will post all your tweets/posts at whatever time you choose. Hootsuite and Buffer to name just 2.

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